6-pack, 150 ml/can
  • reduce fatigue
  • enhance focus
  • improve self confidence

The Cheqio Precision drink is a highly concentrated beverage that contains nutrients, Lactium and a relatively high dose of Saffron. The ingredients work almost instantly and are meant to keep you going during the match or tournament. All the main nutrients (Magnesium and Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12, C) reduce fatigue, while Vitamin B5 is supportive in stressful situations and Vitamin C also enhances the ability to concentrate. Lactium and the expensive Saffron are innovative ingredients that make you “stay in the zone”. Saffron has many advantages, like the improvement of self-confidence. 

The Cheqio Precision Drink is recommended for use at both short and long-lasting performances.


Take two drinks the day before your match, tournament or other event


Take one or two drinks during the day(s) of your event


Use the drink in combination with the Cheqio Precision Capsules for optimal result


The Precision Drink is not to quench your thirst but to keep you concentrated and focused. When thirsty: drink water. Most soft drinks contain sugar, which has the opposite effect on keeping concentration and focus.


Cheqio Drink

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