About Venom

About Florian “Venom” Kohler

Florian Kohler was born in France the 10 of july 1988, speaks 3 languages, is a licensed Optometrist and holds a black belt in Judo. Forgot to mention that he is also a pool phenom, redefining the sport of trick shot pool though a combination of artistry and breathtaking skill.

Florian (better known as “Venom”), has an extraordinary blend of unique billiard talent and spectacular shot execution. Venom is trick shot pool at its best.

When you watch Venom gracefully defy the laws of gravity and motion, it’s hard to believe that someone so young can possess such advanced skills. Trick shot pool typically takes years to master – most of the top names have been playing since they were 3 or 4 years old.

Yet Venom first picked up a pool cue and began “fooling around” at the age of 18, when he received a mini-pool table for his birthday. He learned his first trick shots from videos on the Internet, watching and imitating what he saw.

Not satisfied, Venom quickly moved on to inventing his own, modern version of old trick shots. Within two years, Venom was competing against trick shot pool pros that had been playing since before he was born. He hasn’t looked back since.



  • English College (2010-2011)
  • Optician Degree (2009-2010)
  • Optician College (2008-2009)
  • First year of Medicine (2006 -2008)
  • High School Degree, science specialty at ‘Lycèe Episcopal de Zillisheim’ (2006)


  • French
  • English
  • German
Florian Koehler

Pool Achievements

  • Quarter Finalist – FRANCE GOT TALENT- Paris, FRANCE (AUG 2009)
  • WINNER – XTM Trick Shots Masters & 3 Cushion – Seoul, KOREA (DEC 2009)
  • WINNER– Artistic Cup IV – St Charles, MO, USA (DEC 2010)
  • Runner-Up – Vienna Artistik Cup – Vienna, AUSTRIA (JUL 2011)
  • Runner-Up – Ultimate Trick Shots Tour – Las Vegas, USA (AUG 2011)
  • WINNER– Juanjo Trilles Creative Artistic Cup Winner- Gandia, SPAIN (SEPT 2011)
  • WINNER– N1 Artistic Billiard French Champion – Orléans, FRANCE (MAY 2012)
  • WINNER – Intel and Asus ‘In Search of the Exceptional’- FRANCE (JUNE 2012)
  • MVP – China’s Trick Shot World Masters – Shenyang, CHINA (JULY 2012)
  • WINNER– World Cup of Trick Shots – Hartford, USA (OCT 2012)
  • WINNER – WPA World Artistic Pool Special Art– Las Vegas, USA (JULY 2013)
  • WINNER – World Cup of Trick Shots – Springfield, USA (DEC 2013)
  • WINNER – BTV Korean Trick Shot Challenge – Seoul, KOREA (JUNE 2014)
  • Runner-Up – ESPN Trick Shot Magic – San Diego, USA (OCT 2014)
  • Runner Up – WPA World Artistic Pool – Atlanta (AUG 2015)
  • WINNER – ESPN Trick shot Magic – FL, USA (OCT 2015)
  • WINNER – WPA World Artistic Pool Jump & Draw – Tulsa, USA (OCT 2016)
  • WINNER – WPA Artistic Pool Jump, Masse, Special Arts, Trick & Fancy – Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • Finalist – ‘The X-traordinary’ – Jakarta, INDONESIA (MARCH 2018)
  • Finalist “Das Supertalent”- Bremen, GERMANY (SEPT 2018)
  • WINNER – 2018 WPA World Jump & Masse Champion – Houston, USA (JAN 2019)
  • Semi- Finalist – Romania Got Talent – Bucharest, ROMANIA (JAN 2020)
  • YouTube ‘Golden Button’ For Reaching 1,000,000 Subscribers – Las Vegas, USA (May 2020)
  • Most Viewed Trick Shot Artist of All Time with 1 billion views and counting (JULY 2020)
  • Voted #3 Most Influential Pool Personality in the World (SEPT 2020)
  • WINNER – Artistic Pool US National, Trick & Fancy, Special Arts, Follow, Jump & Masse – Parkersburg, WV, USA (SEPT 2023)
  • WINNER -WPA World Artistic Pool – Bay City, MI, USA (FEB 2024)
  • WINNER -WPA World Artistic Pool Stroke, Jump & Masse – Bay City, MI, USA (FEB 2024)


  • Guinness World Record – Most balls potted (68) in one minute, Milan, ITALY (JULY 2014)
  • Guinness World Records – Highest Jump of a Billiard Ball, Longest Spin of a Billiard Ball, Most balls potted over an obstacle in 1 minute, Fastest Time to jump pot 15 balls, Longest usable pool cue & Fastest Time to jump pot 15 balls one-handed – Las Vegas, USA (MARCH 2017)
  • Guinness World Records –Most trick shots completed in 24h, Highest Jump Pot of a Pool Ball & Highest One-Handed Jump Pot of a Pool Ball – Las Vegas, USA (MAY 2020)
  • Guinness World Records – Most trick shots made in 1h, Longest Spin of a Billiards Ball & Farthest distance to jump pot a billiard ball – Las Vegas, NV, USA (MAY 2021)
  • Guinness World Record – ‘Most Target Broken in 1Min by a Pool Ball – Milan, IITALY (MARCH 2023)
  • Guinness World Records– Most Trick Shots Completed in 1h, 24h & 48h – Parkersburg, WV, USA (JAN 2024)
  • Word Record – Longest Pool Trick Shots Marathon (48h) – Parkersburg, WV, USA (JAN 2024)
  • World Record – Highest Score in any WPA Artistic Pool Championship, 294/320 (9ft Table) – Bay City, MI, USA (FEB 2024)
  • Most World Artistic Pool Discipline Medals -13, tied with Hall of Famer Mike Massey – (MARCH 2024)
  • Most Guinness World Records Held by a Pool Player – 12 and counting (MARCH 2024)

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