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Venom Trickshots shows are not close to anything done in the pool industry before. It is a true entertaining show that instead of being appreciated by a few specialists is by everyone, pool players or not. Thousands of people already bought his DVD’s; half a billion watched his shots online. Since Florian appeared, the idea of artistic pool has been changed forever in people’s minds.

Everybody can actually enjoy his “art”, from men to women, from a 3 year old kid to a 90 years old grandfather; it touches all types of people and social classes by its universal attractive power.

Having him perform at your event is a guaranteed success and a rare opportunity to give your company a twist of originality pleasing your audience.

f you are still having doubts about Venom’s ability to perform live, don’t! Florian has been broadcasted on most of the major TV channels all over the world such as FOX, GLOBO, ESPN or CCTV just to name a few. He performed in more than 400 different venues from local pool halls to international corporate shows. He also handled various ranges of audience from a dozen people like when he played for the Prince of Dubai to 50,000,000 million on a Chinese TV program.

Several different options are possible for shows but usually Venom performs 1h to 1h30 depending on the conditions and showcases some of his most impressive tricks. You can expect a high level of professionalism with a display of at least 35 shots while he involves and entertains the crowd with jokes and stories. After the show Florian will also ‘stick around’ to sign posters, take pictures and answer fans questions. Individual and group lessons are available on demand.

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