Venom Trickshots Jump Cue

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Get your stylish Hand-Selected Hard Maple 105cm Shaft Venom Trickshots Jump Cue. The jump cue comes fully equipped with a Phenolic TransTip and Laminate construction to reduce wrapping from those to high-impact shots.

The Ferrule is made up of a sturdy White Phenolic material.

The Venom Trickshots Jump Cue is a treated hardwood with the PU wrap.

Get the most of your new jump cue by using Venom’s Billiard Glove, Tip Shaper, while sporting the Venom Trick Shot Hat.

How to Use the Venom Trickshots Jump Cue

  • Apply your favorite chalk on the tip.
  • Place the Venom Trickshots Jump Cue between your thumb and index finger port.
  • Aim for the object ball to make.
  • Using a short & fast stroke drive the tip into the cue ball.
  • Watch the cue ball fly and send the intended ball in the pocket!

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Get your stylish Venom Trickshots jump cue!

Shaft: Special Selected Hard Maple Shaft

Tip: TransTip Phenolic Laminate. This tip is very strong with a high impact strength

Ferrule: White Phenolic

Special selected and treated hardwood with the PU wrap

Cue Length: 105cm

Additional information

Dimensions 105 in

1 review for Venom Trickshots Jump Cue

  1. JohnnyK

    This jump cue makes jumping easy. The tip is interesting, it’s very hard, while still being able to do a jump with backspin, better yet a jump with a big swerve for when a straight jump just won’t get the job done.

    • Florian Kohler

      Thanks for your Feedback Johnny 🙂

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