Learn How to Play Pool

Everything you need to begin your journey to become a true pool player. Florian covers it all from fundamentals to cue ball control. Those 12 YouTube lessons are co-hosted by UFC ring girl and pool enthusiast Jamillette Gaxiola.

Advanced Pool Tutorials

Geared toward the experienced players this series focus on a lot of different aspects. From kicking and banking systems to drills and how to execute jump or masse you will find a great deal of information clearly explained by Florian. Proudly presented by PoolDawg those videos also feature Valérie Bédard one of Quebec’s top amateur!

Pool Trickshot Tutorials 

You will find there a great variety of trick shots from the simplest ones to the more advanced. These Venom Trickshots tutorials will amaze your friends and crown you the Pool Table King!

Drills to improve your pool game

An ever-growing selection of drill designed to improve your abilities. Take your game to the next level by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the video so you can see the entire playlist.